RevUnit Company photo in Bentonville AR during All Hands 2017

I Work at a “Best Places To Work”

Recently, RevUnit was named a Best Place to Work in Arkansas. It’s our second year in a row and you could definitely say we are proud. We try ha...

Group working together

How RevUnit Works with the Nitrous Effect to WOW Clients

RevUnit is part of a voluntary collective of agencies called the Nitrous Effect. Today we wanted to introduce you to why that matters. The Nitrous Eff...

Interview: How do you build a successful advertising campaign?

MarTechExec recently interviewed me to find out how to build a successful advertising campaign. You can see my response below and the rest of the pres...

A woman listening and being humble

Interviewed: 14 Soft Skills to Cultivate to Become a Better Marketer

Recently on Forbes I was interviewed about the kind of soft skills necessary to be a better marketer. Here’s what I said: Be Humble. Humility is...

Woman Shopping an Ecommerce Site on a Tablet

Forbes: Seven Effective Ways to Increase E-Commerce Conversion Rates

Today an answer I gave to Forbes was published on their site about how to increase e-commerce conversion rates. A conversion rate is the percent of pe...

What's Wrong with LinkedIn

What’s Wrong With LinkedIn?

I like LinkedIn as a social network. It’s my social CRM and I appreciate having my professional network all in one place. A place where I can ta...


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