On August 16th, 2017 Inc.com published their 2017 winners of the Inc 5000 list. The Inc 5000 List is a ranking of the fastest growing privately-held companies in America. Inc uses a three year growth percentage to determine who makes the list and in what order. By using three years they can guarantee the companies longevity and ensure the growth is continuous and sustainable. Additionally, companies on the list must verify their growth by using a certified public accountant. To make it easier to research who is on the list, I’ve made it easy to download the Inc 5000 List for 2017.

Download Inc 5000 2017 Full List Data Set


The 2017 Inc 5000 data set for download can be useful for the following research:

  • Competitive Research – Identify, analyze, and understand the fastest growing companies you compete with
  • Acquisitions – Identify companies who may be good candidates for acquiring to accelerate growth, add revenue, capacity, new skills, etc.
  • Industry Research – Identify new areas for products/services which your company might expand into or evaluate for new ventures
  • Venture Capital Research – Isolate companies in early to mid-growth stages for venture funding and evaluate competitors to portfolio brands
  • State and Local Economic Development – Determine how economic development organizations can continue to improve, fuel fires in fast growers, and identify trends for the area.

I’ve put the Inc 5000 List for 2017 download together from the original list here. Inc is a fantastic organization and the editors of INC.com make the list available every year. This year the company I work for, RevUnit, was added to the Inc 5000 list at #584. As Chief Growth Officer it is an honor to be recognized by such a prestigious organization like Inc. Growth is a team effort.



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