Today an answer I gave to Forbes was published on their site about how to increase e-commerce conversion rates. A conversion rate is the percent of people who visit a site who make a purchase. A conversion can be a lot of things other than a purchase like signing up for an email list, becoming a member, etc. but the most common is a purchase.

Increasing your conversion rate can reduce the cost of each sale because it takes the same cost to bring the same amount of visitors to your site, but you are getting more of them to purchase. Benefits include profit increases and the ability to reinvest those dollars back into finding even more visitors who are now converting at a higher percentage.

Stop guessing about your customer’s needs.¬†Impacting online conversions requires connecting the needs of a potential customer with your product as their solution. Knowing their intent and aligning your online experience with it is the most impactful way to drive more conversions. Use A/B and multivariate testing to determine what users want. Assumptions about user experience can be the biggest conversion killers.

You can read the original quote and the 6 others on Forbes.


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