“Here’s what I know for sure: People matter, each and every single one. No person born on this earth is insignificant. No human experience is without effect”

Humans are amazingly complex and beautiful.

As a leader, I want to help people. I want to work with people who want to help people too. It means living in a world capable of understanding and explaining the worth of a soul. The value of human life.

We aren’t there yet, but I believe we will get there.

I want to work with companies and clients who build things they love. Things people need. Not because of the flashiness of their messaging, but because of the substance and value of their product.

It doesn’t need to be food or electricity or a cure for cancer. It just needs to be honest. Something that brings out the best in us.

I want to work in an industry where people treat privacy and data with respect. We are great people first. The more we know, the better we are at helping our customers have a great experience. An experience where automation helps facilitate more personal experiences, not less. Where technology helps us scale one on one relationships, not replace them.

I believe technology will continue to help growth leaders innovate and create new experiences. Not re-hash slogans and worn out campaigns.

“I believe growth leadership is the process of communicating value”

I know data can be used to communicate the human element. Big data and CRMs are awesome, but they’ve got to be used to do the right thing for the customer every single time. Helping to make customer connections with brands who want to make life happier and better for those they serve.

Growth leadership is more than just driving improvement. It’s more than charts that go up. It’s more than exponentials and ROI. It’s all of those things, but more than just those things.

Leading growth is about focusing resources, seeking untapped markets, and broadening a company’s vision. It’s discovering new pathways to growth.

Growth is mining for gold across your organization and markets. Finding dramatic veins of new opportunity. It’s testing bold initiatives by writing blank checks when the timing is right and the vision is clear. Increasing accountability and accelerating new revenue from the impossible.

I believe it’s about being an advocate for the customer. Knowing what they need, what they want, and how they are influenced. Owning the customer experience (CX), and writing the script on how to listen and understand.

It’s also knowing the business so well you have a seat at the table. Understanding the key metrics driving operations, finance and people. It’s being both customer facing and commercial. Your ideas need to be economically viable, but they also have to be visionary. You have to convince your organization to make changes based on demand, which sometimes means being a provocateur.

Challenging the status quo. I believe it’s the growth leaders #1 job. It’s the reason why marketing, sales, innovation, insights, corporate strategy, R&D, and even corporate venture/mergers & acquisitions are laddering up to growth. The main reasons for these growth alignments appear to be the desire to break down organizational inertia and the inhibitors to innovating across departments.

It’s hard, but it’s also rewarding.

I believe growth leadership is here to stay. Caring about people is here to stay. Growing with your customers, not just growing databases. Technology as a human accelerant is here to stay. Moving fast and challenging the status quo is here to stay.

I believe all these things are here to stay… stay and grow.


The best advice I’ve been given is never stop learning. The moment you give up and think you know everything, you’ve already stopped leading.


Written by Seth Waite, Chief Growth Officer at RevUnit. Passionate about the intersection of the customer experience (CX) and the employee experience (EX), Seth leads RevUnit’s growth as a product studio building enterprise platforms to transform the workplace. With a vision to help everyone be happier and more productive at work by connecting people with purpose. Seth’s background in content strategy, marketing, sales, technology, and product development mean he is incredibly well rounded. Bringing provocative solutions to complex problems.

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