RevUnit recently acquired a Las Vegas startup named Teamvvork (pronounced Teamwork). As the executive in Las Vegas and the driver of the acquisition, I had the opportunity to talk about what it means for RevUnit with the Las Vegas Review Journal and (Las Vegas Sun), and a few other news organizations in Arkansas.

Nicole Raz of the Las Vegas Review Journal highlighted how the RevUnit + Teamvvork acquisition shows a growing trend in national interest in #VegasTech. Nicole’s article can be read here and a snippet from the article is below:

Seth Waite was checking out a possible new office location in Las Vegas for his employer, Arkansas-based RevUnit, when he walked into a neighboring business, Teamvvork, to gather some intel.

“I went into their office to just kind of ask about the space next door, and it was just one of those moments like, ‘Oh my goodness! This is us like two or three years ago,’” Waite said. “There were four or five of them huddled around a table solving a problem, being passionate about the experience of the user and working on a white board.”

So began a marriage between the two companies.

The article also highlighted RevUnit leaders like Michael Paladino and Joe Saumweber. Quotes from Joe and Michael include the following statements:

RevUnit CEO Joe Saumweber and RevUnit Chief Technology Officer Michael Paladino said the growing infrastructure and success stories out of Las Vegas were a large factor in their decision to acquire Teamvvork.

“Vegas has got all the right raw materials,” Saumweber said, including “an accessible talent pool,” an attractive cost of living and a tech entrepreneur ecosystem around Zappos. Paladino added that the stage of the local tech scene’s growth was also a factor in their decision to make the long-term investment.

“I see a lot of the same types of things that create a vibrant tech scene, like developer meetups and places for those groups to meet, like the Innevation Center,” Paladino said, also emphasizing the growing entrepreneur infrastructure in the community including incubators and accelerator programs.

 They said they were encouraged by many of the state’s initiatives to increase workforce training and tech education.

“One of the reasons we love Bentonville is because we get to be a big part of what happens here, and I think we see a lot of that same opportunity in Las Vegas,” Saumweber said.

Additionally,’s Mick Akers interviewed to find out more about the effect of Teamvvork’s acquisition by RevUnit on the local economy. A quote from the article is below:

“Right now we want to continue to find other great people in Las Vegas to join the cause and work with us,” Waite said. “The bigger picture is that we want to participate in the Vegas tech community a lot more. We can now pool our talent and resource and have a bigger impact on Vegas tech.”


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