Recently, I wrote an article on the RevUnit blog about a topic I think is essential to business — Employee Empowerment. As a business leader, your primary objective is to grow the business. Growing businesses produce stable financials which in turn create jobs and sustain companies. The key to this growth is your #1 asset. Your employees.

In retail, most employees feel like they have little power over their day-to-day work life. Mix a strong pessimism about growth opportunities and you have a cocktail of distrust and unhappiness. In fact, retail employees are the most unhappy employees in the American job market.

So what can retailers do about it?

Empower their employees. The word empowerment means providing the education and tools for employees to have ownership over their work lives. Ownership to make changes, impact goals, and do their jobs the right way. Data shows that when employees are empowered with the right training & education and tools sales associates sell 87% more than employees who aren’t empowered.

Tools may include wearable technology like smart watches & fit bands, mobile apps and software, internet of things – smart objects, and more. The technology increases productivity and efficiency which makes employees more successful and powerful.

At RevUnit, a primary objective of ours is to help retailers do just that – empower employees. We are on a mission to help the industry of retail employee empowerment by having the most powerful, mobile technology at their fingertips.

We focus on 4 key areas of empowerment:

  • Productivity
  • Communication
  • Engagement
  • Accessibility

You can read the full article and data at Understanding the Strong Demand for Better Retail Employee Empowerment on the RevUnit blog.

You can also see a brief summary of the article in the SlideShare below.

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