Your audience is craving a fresh approach to thinking that entices them to act. It’s not about gimmicks or big names, but helping your audience see opportunities differently. You need a speaker who can deliver. That’s where I can help.

Speaking Topics

Market Strategy
& Research

The Future
of Marketing

Lead Generation
& Funnel Optimization

& Data Ethics

What’s a Chief
Growth Officer?

Growth &

B2B Sales
& Marketing


The Changing
Role of HR Leaders

The Future
of Work


4th Industrial

Product Strategy
& Development



Building deep credibility & engagement all in the creation of a moment of impact takes experience. Let’s do something special together. Why choose me?

Bringing energy, expertise, and engaging content every time takes a lot of work. I’m dedicated to my craft and show up every time ready to deliver vision to your audience. Part of showing up is really practical too. I’ll never leave you hanging.

Your audience wont get rehashed content that’s been shared in dozens of presentations and all over online. Every presentation is personally crafted to meet the needs of you audience and the outcomes you are looking to achieve. Fresh perspectives every time.

You don’t work with the biggest brands in the world without earning your stripes. I’ve worked with amazing teams, overcome incredible obstacles, and learned valuable lessons. My expertise is backed by more than just anecdote. Real data and research back every perspective presented.

Storytelling and even physical presence all add up to crafting amazing on stage experiences. My style is personal, approachable, and expert. Regardless of the size of the audience — I always try to make everyone feel like they are getting personal advice from a trusted friend.

Seth exhibits a deep understanding of marketing, writing, and generating digital engagement. He’s exceptional with words, sharing key messages for target audiences.

Crystalee Beck Founder - Professional Communication Consulting

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