RevUnit Company photo in Bentonville AR during All Hands 2017

I Work at a “Best Places To Work”

Recently, RevUnit was named a Best Place to Work in Arkansas. It’s our second year in a row and you could definitely say we are proud. We try ha...

Employee Engagement Meeting

Forbes: Three Ways You Can Put Your Employees First

I published the following piece on Forbes just a week ago. As technology becomes an increasing force in the workplace and a new generation brings its ...

Retail Store Produce Section

Employee Empowerment Leads to 87% Increase in Retail Associate Sales

Earlier this week, I published an article on the RevUnit Blog outlining the reasons why it matters for retailers to invest in their employees. The art...

Group of Millennials Hanging Out

Millennials are the Worst? #BoycottMillennials

If you read anything online anymore you’ve learned — everybody hates millennials. The media boldly claims millennials are entitled, lazy, ...

Millennial at work

4 Ways to Keep Millennials Engaged at Work

I work with almost all millennials. I’m a millennial too. Millennials are a well documented “different breed”. They are considered t...


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